Educational Kits

by The Green Turtle

The fun phonics kit has been designed by Pre-school educators to make learning fun. We believe children learn best through play.

Team Green Turtle - Ms Kuki Mongia, Ms Pooja Jeejeebhoy and Ms Viveki Pasta with 20 years + experience in the field of Early Childhood and Primary School education.



  • 4 board games + Tic Tac Toe
  • Cards-26 Flash cards with pictures and directional arrows (Aa to Zz), small letter cards a to z , Dolch Pre-primer and Primer list of sight/camera words
  • Special aids- Wheel of family words, Flip book, sight word bingo, high five hands, "Read out loud" book, counter and dice
  • Children will learn Beginning sounds, rhyming words, CVC words, frequently used words/ camera words/ reading


Pricing: Rs 1,850 + Shipping

educational kit
educational kit
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