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  • What is the admission process at The Green Turtle? What are the age criteria for the program?
    Our Admission does not require the parents or the child to go through any test or interview, however, we do meet the child. Once you have visited the centre, an admission link is shared with you along with investment details. You will be required to pay a registration fee to confirm the admission followed by full/partial payment within the given time frame. Please note the following eligibility for admission: • If the child has turned 2 before the 31st Dec of the current year, he/she is eligible to Playgroup • If the child has turned 3 before the 31st Dec of the current year, he/she is eligible to Nursery • If the child has turned 4 before the 31st Dec of the current year, he/she is eligible to Jr KG • If the child has turned 5 before the 31st Dec of the current year, he/she is eligible to Sr KG The academic year begins in June and our admissions process is ongoing, providing families the flexibility to join us at any point during the academic year. We have started accepting applications and continue enrollments as long as we have available spaces.
  • What educational approach does The Green Turtle use for preschoolers?
    We have developed our own age-appropriate curriculum, which is a mix of Montessori and Play-Based Learning. This unique approach focuses on providing children with a holistic learning experience that encompasses academic, social, and emotional development. We believe in creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn through hands-on activities, exploration, and creativity. As children transition to kindergarten, we maintain academic focus in reading and writing to establish a strong foundational base. Our commitment to fostering academic excellence is balanced with a focus on nurturing the whole child, ensuring that each child develops a love for learning and a strong sense of confidence and independence. Incursions and Excursions become an important part of the learning journey.
  • What is the Teacher student ratio?
    We typically follow the adult-child ratio of 1:8. Our approach ensures that each child receives adequate attention, supervision, and support throughout their time with us. Additionally, we also have additional staff to assist with settling our youngest members in Playgroup, providing a more personalized and nurturing environment for all children under our care.
  • How is the safety ensured within the school premises?
    The safety and security of the children at The Green Turtle are of utmost importance to us. We have gate security throughout the day, with the gate remaining locked and out of bounds from children. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the premises. Additionally, the arrival and dispersal of children happen in a timely and disciplined format to avoid crowding, rushing, and ensure traffic safety. The entire premise is covered with CCTV, with access to the system available in the office. This allows us to monitor and ensure the safety of all children and staff on the premises at all times. However, we do not give personal access to any parent as it is seen as encroaching upon the privacy of other children as well as an obstruction in teaching. Additionally, we have a security measure in place that includes only allowing children to be released to authorized individuals whose details are provided during the admission process, providing peace of mind for parents and guardians.
  • Is Childcare/ Daycare facility available for after school hours?
    By enrolling your child into The Green Turtle's after-school daycare program, you are providing them with a secure and nurturing environment where they can continue their learning and development in a supervised setting. Our qualified and attentive staff ensure that children have access to age-appropriate activities that foster social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Additionally, meals are provided to ensure that children are well-nourished during their time in daycare. This program not only offers convenience for working parents but also allows children to engage in enriching activities and grow in a safe and supportive space.
  • My child goes to another school. Can he attend Daycare and Enrichment Classes at The Green Turtle?
    Yes certainly. Daycare and Enrichment Activities are open to children to attend other schools.
  • How do the parents communicate with the school and get updates on their Child's progress?
    The Green Turtle prioritizes streamlined and seamless communication between parents and teachers through the "School Diary" app, which features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. This tool is designed to provide weekly updates along with photographs on the learnings of each class. In addition to the app, we also keep parents informed through regular coffee mornings for face-to-face interaction, See Me Learn Morning, Achievement cards to track and discuss a child's development, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) for detailed discussions, and workshops for specific topics related to early childhood education. These various communication channels help us maintain an open and collaborative relationship with parents to ensure the overall well-being and development of their children.
  • How do we address health, injury and sickness related issues?
    Our teachers are trained in First Aid. We have a First Aid box on each floor. If we identify any health issue or an injury with the child, the parent is contacted immediately to take the child home. If a child gets hurt on our premise, we tend to the hurt in a timely and appropriate manner and immediately inform the parent. In case there is a need for medical intervention we take the child to Jupiter hospital and the parents are informed immediately. It is advised to not send your child to school if they are sick or even mildly down with a cold. We kindly request parents to promptly inform the school if their child is diagnosed with a communicable disease.
  • Is transport available?
    Yes, transport is available. However, one needs to understand, that transport vendors are all third-party vendors. They will ply their vehicle from the residence to the school only once they have a minimum number of children wanting transport from the same area/ along the same route.
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