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Meet the Founders


Krupali Mongia

Krupali (Kuki) a Philosophy graduate from Sophia College in Mumbai and Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education, demonstrates her commitment to understanding the developmental needs of young minds. After running a successful venture in Mumbai for 4 years called Koala Club, Krupali brought her wealth of experience and expertise to Pune. Here, she co-founded her brainchild, The Green Turtle - Preschool and Activity Centre, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for young learners.

Pooja Jeejeebhoy

Driven by the desire to create a home away from home for little ones, Pooja, a former banker co-founded this preschool, daycare, and learning center. This unique establishment is dedicated to providing a nurturing and caring environment, offering not only love but also ample opportunities for exploration. Pooja, holds a Diploma in Montessori accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in the Netherlands, ensuring a commitment to quality education.

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Preschool, Daycare & Activities
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