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“In addition to the playgroup my child has also been going to the daycare and she is very well taken care of there too where she is again engaged meaningfully by the caretakers. There is a never a dull moment in the day my child spends in Green Turtle and we as a family feel safe, secure and happy sending our little one there.”

— Chandrashekar & Sheetal, Naina’s Parents


“This will be the 3rd year our son Rudra is going to be with The Green Turtle. He enjoys the Montessori teaching and various activities that's part of his curriculum. All his teachers have been very attentive, supportive when it comes to Rudra's learning and development. We are happy with the teaching, curriculum management and we have seen tremendous growth and development in our child thanks to the carefully selected program and activities.”

— Harshad & Maya, Rudra's Parents

Meet our Happy Parents


"I feel very indebted to Green Turtle for giving my daughter such a positive and nurturing start to her school experience. At such a formative age of both learning and developing her little personality we are lucky to have such lovely and well qualified teachers .. Green turtle has a very natural, cozy social vibe. All staff are very supportive and experienced with helping children transition in to school life.”

— Tejal,Mairaah's Mom


"The Green turtle has totally been an amazing experience for us and our daughter right from day one all the teachers and staff treat you with warmth and affection. Their teaching methodology is excellent it is advanced as per current environment and includes Montessori methods, and also teaching kids about our traditions. We get amazed every single day by the varied things our daughter has learnt from the school. Surely recommend to all parents..”

— Rachana, Ira's Mom


Aaisha has been a part of the Enrichment program for the past two years and it is amazing to see the stuff she has learnt to do with loads of fun with the amazing team they have....makes you feel like being small again so we can be a part of thier program and relive the childhood once again.”

— Abhilaasha,Aisha's Mom

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"Hands down, the best! We cannot imagine a more caring, affectionate and safe place for our daughter and to help her grow beautifully - preschool and daycare! We have seen a huge improvement in Indrakshi in the last two years that she has spent at the Green Turtle. She admires her teachers in the school and daycare, and is super-excited to see her friends every day. She has developed a great habit of reading, writing, and drawing, and she enjoys the various activities particularly “Show-n-tell”! Thank you, Team Green Turtle, for all that you do! Very grateful. .”

— Mayurakshi, Indrakhshi's Mom


There are many things I am grateful for when it comes to Meera, but most of all, it’s Green Turtle. She started attending preschool as a 16 month old baby (hats off to Kuki, Pooja, her playgroup/ daycare teachers, and beloved Didis-Mavshis-Tapanda for their love and patience), and I have watched her blossom into a confident toddler who loves to explore and voices her opinions clearly even at this age. Green Turtle is her home away from home, and everyone there is family. Whether it comes to learning new skills, topics or enjoying free play, gym, dance and yoga, there is always something exciting there! Under the astute leadership of Kuki and Pooja, every teacher and staff member is warm, welcoming, open to discussion, and is the “village” you need to help raise your little ones.”

— Sujata,Meera's Mom


"If you ask me whats your best decision its to put Ved in the Green Turtle preschool! The warm homely environment nurturing children using unique, fun and creative methods of traditional, play way and montessori have helped ved in his overall cognitive development! You know they are right for your child when your child doesn’t want to come back home from school! A big shoutout to Pooja and Kuki who being the owners are so personally involved with each child there! The entire team reflects on the values and principles of the school! Love them for everything! Thank you for getting the best out of Ved!!”

— Jesal, Ved's Mom

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